Vinyl Flooring

Residential Vinyl Flooring Melbourne

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a great choice due to its versatility and affordability. It looks great, is strong and durable.

Vinyl flooring has changed considerably from the old style linoleum. It is now a smart, fashionable, quality flooring material and a genuine alternative to ceramic tiles for all your house hold areas. The Mobile Carpet Company has many ranges from Sheet, Vinyl Clic and LVT to choose from.

Mobile Carpet are famous suppliers of Residential Vinyl Flooring in Melbourne. We have best options of Vinyl flooring for your complete residential needs.

Save time & money:

Mobile Carpet in Melbourne VINYL flooring can be laid directly without adhesives, over existing floors and on uneven surfaces to save time and eliminate hidden costs.

Vinyl Flooring Warm and comfort:

Effectively reduces noise bringing quiet comfort to the atmosphere. Ideal for apartments, flats or corridors and re-covering hard and noisy floors such as concrete etc.

Vinyl Flooring is Easy to clean VINYL flooring:

The superior surface treatments create a barrier to prevent dust & dirt from getting trapped, allowing for an easy maintenance regime.

Vinyl Flooring is Tough & Durable:

Protected against wear & tear by the latest surface treatments making it suitable for high traffic areas.

Vinyl Flooring is Waterproof from Above & Below:

The anti-mildew and waterproof membrane prevents the transfer of mould to the surface, ideal for wet areas and damp concrete floors.

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